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Weddell Seal Science Videos Available
On Google Earth's Explore the Ocean Layer!

Select Weddell Seal Science videos are now available on Google Earth's fantastic 'Explore the Ocean Layer', courtesy Mission Blue/Sylvia Earle Alliance. Through Google Earth installed on your computer or handheld device you can virtually travel to Antarctica, visit Erebus Bay in the Ross Sea, and check out select Weddell Seal Science video stories in the places where the stories were filmed!

To view the Weddell Seal Project Videos available on Google Earth's 'Explore the Ocean' layer, download Google Earth, then launch Google Earth and select 'Explore the Oceans' in the Layer list. Zoom in on Ross Island, Antarctica. Cursor over the small golden circles around Erebus Bay to reveal Weddell Project Videos located around the study area.

We hope you enjoy exploring Antarctica through the Google Earth 'Explore the Ocean' Layer, and watching some of our Weddell Seal project videos embedded there!

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