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Publications By Our Research Team

  • Chambert, T., J.J. Rotella, and M.D. Higgs.  2014. Use of posterior predictive checks as an inferential tool for investigating individual heterogeneity in animal population vital rates. Ecology & Evolution 4:1389-1397.
  • Chambert, T.C., J.J. Rotella, R.A. Garrott. 2012.  Environmental extremes versus ecological extremes: Impact of a massive iceberg on the population dynamics of a high-level Antarctic marine predator.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279:4532-4541.
  • Rotella, J.J. 2008.  Estimating reproductive costs with multi-state mark recapture models, multiple observable states, and temporary emigration.  In: Thompson, D. L., E.G. Cooch, and M.J. Conroy. Editors.  Modeling demographic processes in marked populations. Monograph Series in Environmental and Ecological Statistics, Vol. 3.  Springer.


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