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Weddell Seal Science Video Podcast
Free at iTunes!

We now have a video podcast on Weddell seals in Antarctica and the Montana State University ecologists weddell seal science video podcastwho study these seals.

Our video podcasts can be viewed on your computer, mobile device, smart phone, or TV. We will be adding new video podcast episodes featuring interesting footage of Weddell seals, interviews with Weddell seal researchers on location, and new information on these fascinating iconic Antarctic marine mammals.

To access our free Weddell Seal Science Video Podcast:

1. Download free iTunes, and install it on your computer (either Mac or PC), then

2. Click here to go to our iTunes preview page to access our video podcast at iTunes where you can view and download video podcast episodes, and subscribe to get future episodes when they are released;

3. On our iTunes podcast page, click on the "Free" buttons to download the episodes you wish to view, or view the episodes directly in iTunes by clicking on the play icon that appears as your cursor hovers over the episode name. If you subscribe to our video podcast you will receive new episodes as they are published.

4. You can also copy and paste this link into your podcast subscription program:



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