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Weddell Seals in 3D!

Native stereoscopic 3D video of Weddell pups and moms, shot with a unibody dual lens/dual sensor stereo 3D camcorder, the JVC GY-HMZ1U. The 3D format of this camera is MVC (multi-video coding). These MVC clips can be viewed by many editing systems as 2D AVCHD. However, by using an app supplied by JVC, the MVC formatted clips can be split into two separate files: one of the left eye view and one of the right eye view. Then these separate views can be edited using 3D editing capable software. For this short video, the files were split using the JVC 3D to LR Converter, then adjusting the 3D in Cineform Studio Pro, and editing the 3D clips in Apple's Final Cut Pro (FCPX).

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