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The purpose of this web portal is to make available to educators, students, parents, and the general public information, resources, multimedia, and classroom materials based on Antarctica Weddell seal population ecology research by the Montana State University Weddell seal research project.

The Principal Investigator for this research project is Dr. Jay Rotella, professor in the Department of Ecology at Montana State University.

More information on the Weddell seal research project is also available on the Montana State University website Weddell seal research pages.

Collaborating with our project on the new grant are genomists Dr. Nancy Chen of the University of Rochester and Dr. Elizabeth Flesch of Montana State University.

This web portal is produced and maintained by Weddell seal population project multimedia specialist Mary Lynn Price. If you have questions or suggestions about this web portal, or if you are having difficulty accessing any porton of this site, please contact Mary Lynn Price.

The Weddell seal research project is currently based at Montana State University, and funded by the National Science Foundation through the United States Antarctic Program.

The views and comments on this website do not represent those of Montana State University, and should not be construed as such.






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