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Weddell Seal Science has published a free multimedia ebook titled, "Weddell Seals; Science, Life History, and Population Dynamics"! The new ebook is available for FREE on Apple Books, on Google Play Books, and as a direct download (please see below). The ebook is filled with photos, videos, graphics and audio accompanying the engagingly written chapters. 

To access the ebook on Apple Books, Click Here.

To access the ebook on Google Play Books, Click Here.

For a direct download of the new multimedia ebook, Click Here

To download the PC-friendly Adobe Digital Edition, Click Here.

Writer and creator Jeremy Schmidt has produced a beautiful and informative science-oriented ebook that can be enjoyed by all ages, from young people to lifelong learners. Jeremy is a writer and multimedia specialist with the Weddell Seal Population Project. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation, through a grant to Montana State University.* We hope you enjoy this brief introductory video, and download your copy of the new FREE eBook today! Video production by Mary Lynn Price.

* The views and comments in this multimedia ebook do not represent those of Montana State University, and should not be construed as such.

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